Calcutta Canine Clinic was established by Dr.Dipak Kumar De in 1975. Then and now, the clinic strive to provide the best care possible for pets and their owners in Kolkata.

Calcutta Canine Clinic is happy to provide pets with high-quality wellness and medical care, including annual exams, vaccinations, diagnostic care, surgery, dental care, ultrasonography, and emergency services. We also recommend and provide personalized puppy and senior wellness examinations. We are equipped with the latest veterinary medical technology and are prepared to assist you and your pet with almost any condition or illness he or she may have. Additionally, our expertise and ability to manage complex medical and surgical cases reduces the frequency of referrals to specialists

However, preventative care does not begin and end at our facility. When you come in for an appointment you will receive important home healthcare advice as well as new information and recommendations for the care of your particular type and breed of pet.If you come for a surgery,we examine the pet thoroughly before taking a decision if the surgery should be done or not.  

We also understand that accidents and illness will happen even to the healthiest of pets. This is where Calcutta Canine Clinic really excels. The skill and expertise of our doctors is enhanced by modern diagnostic imaging equipments, complete surgical suite, and wide range of internal medicine expertise and resources.This allows our clients to receive care for their pets from people they have come to know, at a familiar and convenient location.

We usually encourage our clients to take appointments to avoid mismanagement.

Payment Policy
We make every effort to ensure that all fees are fair and reasonable. As our client, you are encouraged to discuss charges before services are rendered. We accept only cash.Payment for services is expected when services are rendered, unless other arrangements are made in advance.